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We are a team and anyone can compete at bodysurfing contests as a Chubasco. Our home break is Huntington Beach but membership is open to anyone anywhere. If you want to join a more selective crew, try the Gillis Beach Club – they vote in new members. Just like we share the lineup, we don’t discriminate. Just take a wave and show off. Don’t bodysurf? We welcome anyone who shares our love of the beach.

There are no dues or uniform. We do provide competition tee shirts to all competitors and volunteers at the August HB Bodysurfing Classic. If your style is no style, we totally love it. We have never solicited members; all you needed to do was  embrace the aloha spirit and hit the beach. We use the emails of past competitors to get the word out about the annual contest and other activities.

As we continue to grow, we need your email to stay in touch. So, fill out the contact form. Let us know about your home break in the comment section, plus anything you want us to know.

If anyone asks if you’re a Chubasco, the answer is, “Hell, yeah.”


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