Chubascos Bodysurfing Profile

Mascots –

the Chicken   IMG_1279

the Lorax      Lorax,

the Skrud Skrud03

Deities –

Neptune   Neptune 01

Pele, Venus & Mars

Legends – Dr 360, Surfer Johnny, Doc Mason

Jeff Mason

Bands –           Arctic Monkeys   Alex_Turner_with_Arctic_Monkeys

                                    jim Morrison 1968 The Doors


Cartoons –

Bam Bam           bambam

Ally Oop  Alley Oop03


Team Moms – Carol Kappe

Carol Kappe01

          Vicki Bassham11825135_927171270659849_5296836077945212784_n

Team Babes –

Melinda Morey,

Tish Denevan Women Finalists02

Team Families –             the Biggerstaffs, the Nickersons, the Basshams

Team Champions –

2016 Don McCredie

2015 Tom Marr2015 Program06

2014 Alex Kalima

Grand Champ02,

2013 Mark Thon

m&m Mark Thon 01

2012 Matt Henry

Matt Henry01,

2011 Richard Loughridge


2010 Noah Prohaska

Noah Prohaska01,

2009 Eric Ackerman

Team Teens –        Joe Nickerson Joe Nickerson

Natalie  Doumanian Natalie Doumanian01

                Ariel Burns   KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERA,

Colby Livingston colby livingston01

Team Handplanes –

Daniel & Matthew StrudnickHB handboardgangBiggerstaffs & Nickerson

(Slyde & Scoots)

Wave Hunter & Jack Bassham  Jack Bassham Stve Hunter

World Champions –

Tim Castinelli (H)

Grant Leone (H)

Chris Lafferty (H)

Chris Lafferty Del Mar

Sister Clubs – Gilles Beach, Santa Cruz,


Point Panic, South Jetty, Hossegar (FR), Caloundra (AU)

Favorite Foreign Break – Puerto Escondido, OA, Mexico

2014 Chubascos Bodysurfer of the Year

Dylan Dylan biggerstaffBiggerstaff

2nd Place, World Bodysurfing Championship (12-14)


2014 Wave of the Year

BlaKe Bassham drop a

Jack Bassham


2015 Bodysurfer of the Year

11233174_926272294083080_4439952642286598194_nBen Benihana Lauren

2015 Wave of the Year

11878891_927071497336493_4517894014544503644_oKaito Ham

2015/16 Handplaner of the Year

 Augie Cunningham

2016 Bodysurfer of the Year


Alice Latuf

2016 Wave of the Year

Meredith Rose


3 thoughts on “Chubascos Bodysurfing Profile”

  1. I am interested in participating in the club’s events/activities.
    My name is René Olivas, I am a 65 year old bodysurfer, raised in San Diego. I currently reside in Long Beach.
    I look forward to hearing from you.

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