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We are a team and anyone can compete at bodysurfing contests as a Chubasco. Our home break is Huntington Beach but membership is open to anyone anywhere. If you want to join a more selective crew, try the Gillis Beach Club – they vote in new members. Just like we share the lineup, we don’t discriminate. Just take a wave and show off. Don’t bodysurf? We welcome anyone who shares our love of the beach.

There are no dues or uniform. We do provide competition tee shirts to all competitors and volunteers at the August HB Bodysurfing Classic. If your style is no style, we totally love it. We have never solicited members; all you needed to do was  embrace the aloha spirit and hit the beach. We use the emails of past competitors to get the word out about the annual contest and other activities.

As we continue to grow, we need your email to stay in touch. So, fill out the contact form. Let us know about your home break in the comment section, plus anything you want us to know.

If anyone asks if you’re a Chubasco, the answer is, “Hell, yeah.”


2015 Chubascos HB Championships – Results & Pictures

12&U finalists


1. Chase Bunting                 54

2. Miles Maricich                51

3. Wade Sherlock              44.5

4. Kaito Ham                        44.5

5. Caden Cunningham   39.5

6. Nick Madole                   37

13-15 Boys finalists

BOYS (13-15)

1. Max Vandermeulem     58.5

2. Jack McCloskey              56.5

3. Augie Cunningham       51.5

4. Jacob Kress                       51.5

5. Chris Glevy                        47

6. Joe Nickerson                  36

7. Jack Engstrom                 32

8. Nathan Zubkoff             19


16-19 Teens finalist

TEENS (16-19)

1. Tom Marr                      75

2.  Aiden Weschler       50.5

3. Dylan Montrieth      47.5

4. Ian Mellor                    42.5

5. Dylan Walter             37.5

6. Rodrigo Baca             28

 19&U Girls finalists

GIRLS (13-19)

1.  Lauren Schlick            47.5

2. Ella Jensen                    44.5

3. Emilee Carter              41

4. Anneliesse Rogers    32

5. Ichigo Zachau               8

20+ Women finalists


1.  Sunny Chambler-Richard      48.5

2. Nancy Chennell                            44.5

3. Meredith Rose                              44

4. Joanne Zachau                             41.5

5. Tish Denevan                                37

6. Morgan Launer                            23

Men 20-39 finalists

MEN (20-39)

1. Chris Kalima                               56

2. Ben Laurin                                   53

3. Michael Pritchard                   43

4. Danny Romero                        42

5. Vincent Trotter                      40.5

6. Tim Burnham                           32

Masters Men 40-54 finalists


1. Lance Albright                       64

2. Patrick Casinelli                   55.5

3. Sal Castro                                52.5

4. Rick Hornbuckle                 50

5. Ryan Bumgardner              35.5

6. Steve Coy                                31.5

Legends 55+ finalists


1.  Doug Pritchard                       61

2. Chris Lafferty                           60.5

3. John Shearer                            45.5

4. Bruce Robbins                         39

5. Robert Wilcox                         38

6. Donald Cheetham                28

HP 19&U finalists


1. Tom Marr                              61.5

2. Cameron Castro               56

3. Aiden Weschler                43.5

 4. Joe Nickerson                   52

5.  Chris Glevy                         30

6. Dylan Biggerstaff             25

HP 20+ finalists


1. Meredith Rose                     59.5

2. Richard Loughridge          59.5

3. Michael Pritchard              58.5

4. Chris Kalima                          53

5. Jack Bassham                       45.5

6. John Sprafka                         25

Tandem finalists


1. Biggerstaff-Cunningham

2. Team Prichard

3. Team Bassham

4. Schlidge-Laurin

5. Mello-Gordon

6. Team Castro

2015 Makaha Bodysurfing Championship

Congrats to the Buffalo and da boiz for pulling off an incredible First Makaha Bodysurfing & Handboard Championship.

Top Honor

Mark Cunningham

Open Handboard Champ

Makaha 01

Makaha 02

Makaha 31-40 Sean Enoka                                  Sean Enoka placed 3rd, Men’s 31-40,

Makaha Handboard Tom VanMelum

Wedge Head & Chubascos competitorTom VanMelum

placed 3rd behind Mark Cunningham & Kaleo Garlasa

in the Open Handboard Final.

Chubascos Bodysurfing Profile

Mascots –                                    the Chicken   IMG_1279,

the Lorax      Lorax,

                  Skrud03   the Skrud

Deities –                Neptune  Neptune 01

Pele, Venus & Mars

Legends – Dr 360, Surfer Johnny, Doc Mason Jeff Mason

Bands –           Arctic Monkeys   Alex_Turner_with_Arctic_Monkeys

                                    jim Morrison 1968 The Doors


Cartoons – Bam Bam           bambam

Ally Oop  Alley Oop03
Team Moms – Carol Kappe Carol Kappe01

Vicki Bassham11825135_927171270659849_5296836077945212784_n

Team Babes –    Melinda Morey,

Tish Denevan Women Finalists02

Team Families –             the Biggerstaffs, the Nickersons

Team Champions – Tom Marr2015 Program06

Alex Kalima Grand Champ02,

Mark Thon m&m Mark Thon 01

Matt HenryMatt Henry01,

Richard Loughridge10517513_753853444658300_501321498262575069_n

Noah ProhaskaNoah Prohaska01,

Eric Ackerman
Team Teens –   (13-15)     Joe Nickerson Joe Nickerson

Natalie  Doumanian Natalie Doumanian01

(16-19)      Ariel Burns   KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERA,

Colby Livingston colby livingston01

Team Handplanes – Daniel & Matthew StrudnickHB handboardgangBiggerstaffs & Nickerson

(Slyde & Scoots)

Wave Hunter & Jack Bassham  Jack Bassham Stve Hunter

World Champions –          Tim Castinelli (H), Grant Leone (H).

Chris Lafferty (H) Chris Lafferty Del Mar

Sister Clubs – Gilles Beach, Santa Cruz,


Point Panic, South Jetty, Hossegar (FR), Caloundra (AU)

Favorite Foreign Break – Puerto Escondido, OA, Mexico

2014 Chubascos Bodysurfer of the Year

Dylan Dylan biggerstaffBiggerstaff

2nd Place, World Bodysurfing Championship (12-14)

2014 Wave of the Year

BlaKe Bassham drop a

Jack Bassham

2015 Bodysurfer of the Year

11233174_926272294083080_4439952642286598194_nBen Benihana Lauren

2015 Wave of the Year

11878891_927071497336493_4517894014544503644_oKaito Ham

2015 Handplaner of the Year

11807147_926295074080802_2937802255511276853_oAugie Cunningham

Chubascos Crowdfunder a Success


Sunday, February 22, 2015, marked the end of the fundraiser with a total of $3895 raised to fund the August 2015 HB Bodysurfing and Handboarding Championships. All money raised will be used to make the contest free to all competitors. Anyone who wants to make a donation can send it directly to Chubascos Bodysurfing Association, 302 1/2 9th Street, Huntington Beach CA 92648.

Thank you to the 58 donors who contributed to the success of the crowdfunder. The prime beneficiaries will be the youth of Huntington Beach and surrounding towns. The HB contest is the first and only handboard/handplane contest in Southern California. The 2015 contest is moving to the southside of the HB Pier and will be a two-day event. Everyone is welcome.

Mahalo.fundraiser_full_snap_photo_4My friends

Chubascos Bodysurfing Association

This website is being built to include functionality needed to run the annual Huntington Beach Bodysurfing Championships using modern media. Entries forms, heat assignments and results will be published here. Instant in-contest judging results and video feeds will be possible. Comments and feedback will be encouraged. Photo and video galleries will be included. Watch us grow as the site is being built.