Chubascos Crowdfunder a Success


Sunday, February 22, 2015, marked the end of the fundraiser with a total of $3895 raised to fund the August 2015 HB Bodysurfing and Handboarding Championships. All money raised will be used to make the contest free to all competitors. Anyone who wants to make a donation can send it directly to Chubascos Bodysurfing Association, 302 1/2 9th Street, Huntington Beach CA 92648.

Thank you to the 58 donors who contributed to the success of the crowdfunder. The prime beneficiaries will be the youth of Huntington Beach and surrounding towns. The HB contest is the first and only handboard/handplane contest in Southern California. The 2015 contest is moving to the southside of the HB Pier and will be a two-day event. Everyone is welcome.

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