Chubascos Bodysurfing Profile

Mascots –

the Chicken   IMG_1279

the Lorax      Lorax,

the Skrud Skrud03

Deities –

Neptune   Neptune 01

Pele, Venus & Mars

Legends – Dr 360, Surfer Johnny, Doc Mason

Jeff Mason

Bands –           Arctic Monkeys   Alex_Turner_with_Arctic_Monkeys

                                    jim Morrison 1968 The Doors


Cartoons –

Bam Bam           bambam

Ally Oop  Alley Oop03


Team Moms – Carol Kappe

Carol Kappe01

          Vicki Bassham11825135_927171270659849_5296836077945212784_n

Team Babes –

Melinda Morey,

Tish Denevan Women Finalists02

Team Families –             the Biggerstaffs, the Nickersons, the Basshams

Team Champions –

2016 Don McCredie

2015 Tom Marr2015 Program06

2014 Alex Kalima

Grand Champ02,

2013 Mark Thon

m&m Mark Thon 01

2012 Matt Henry

Matt Henry01,

2011 Richard Loughridge


2010 Noah Prohaska

Noah Prohaska01,

2009 Eric Ackerman

Team Teens –        Joe Nickerson Joe Nickerson

Natalie  Doumanian Natalie Doumanian01

                Ariel Burns   KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERA,

Colby Livingston colby livingston01

Team Handplanes –

Daniel & Matthew StrudnickHB handboardgangBiggerstaffs & Nickerson

(Slyde & Scoots)

Wave Hunter & Jack Bassham  Jack Bassham Stve Hunter

World Champions –

Tim Castinelli (H)

Grant Leone (H)

Chris Lafferty (H)

Chris Lafferty Del Mar

Sister Clubs – Gilles Beach, Santa Cruz,


Point Panic, South Jetty, Hossegar (FR), Caloundra (AU)

Favorite Foreign Break – Puerto Escondido, OA, Mexico

2014 Chubascos Bodysurfer of the Year

Dylan Dylan biggerstaffBiggerstaff

2nd Place, World Bodysurfing Championship (12-14)


2014 Wave of the Year

BlaKe Bassham drop a

Jack Bassham


2015 Bodysurfer of the Year

11233174_926272294083080_4439952642286598194_nBen Benihana Lauren

2015 Wave of the Year

11878891_927071497336493_4517894014544503644_oKaito Ham

2015/16 Handplaner of the Year

 Augie Cunningham

2016 Bodysurfer of the Year


Alice Latuf

2016 Wave of the Year

Meredith Rose


Chubascos Bodysurfing Association

This website is being built to include functionality needed to run the annual Huntington Beach Bodysurfing Championships using modern media. Entries forms, heat assignments and results will be published here. Instant in-contest judging results and video feeds will be possible. Comments and feedback will be encouraged. Photo and video galleries will be included. Watch us grow as the site is being built.